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Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies, originally uploaded by librariansarah.

Jill & Neil introduced me to these tasty cookies and the store they are sold in. They're one of my new favourites! 

Gingerbread + dark chocolate bottom layer + beautiful crisp sugar icing = mmm. Especially good after walking around the market.



Amaranth, originally uploaded by frankcheez.

After reading Gluten Free Girl's book, I've been meaning to find and try amaranth. I already have a corn-and-amaranth store cereal I like, yum! ....
Well last week I found some at a local natural food store (and picked up some red quinoa as well). I looked up a little on it and I'm amazed at how pretty it is! I'll let you know how it tastes too :)


Crazy cupcakes

20 kinds of geeky cupcakes via several people on Twitter. The Guitar Hero ones strike me as very clever. On the nerdy ones, can I eat the protractor?
KateDW from Flickr made cheeseburger cupcakes! Instructions here. And these would make a good side dish

Summertime = lazy meals 

Weekend breakfast

We've been cooking more sporadically for the summer. With the hot or muggy weather, plus with house hunting, we're just not motivated to use the oven or stovetop. Instead we have lots of salads or snack plates. 

First try at cabbage rolls

However, I did try making cabbage rolls for the first time. It felt a lot like making lasagne or meatballs. Though don't skip the step of boiling the lettuce a bit first - the lettuce was heated but a bit tough on top without it.

What have you been eating for the summer?


Sushi, tea, and some other Asian food links

I have been cooking, really! Lately I've either been too busy to take photographs and post them, or the recipes seem kind of ordinary. Anything you'd guys like me to write about?

In the meantime, some neat links:

After I posted about the Sushi layer cake this time, I found another kind of sushi cake by the Whipped Bake Shop in Philadelphia.

I went for all-you-can-eat sushi this weekend at Banc Sushi, yum! I tried red bean ice cream for the first time: amazing, light, and creamy-nutty. (Strangely, did you know Häagen-Dazs makes red bean ice cream? Only in Asia though, I think.)

Kevin Rose explains how to make matcha tea. Anyone have recommendations for a brand I can get in Canada?

Making Matcha Tea from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

He also explains how to make ginger tea (my fave, been making for a while) and interviewed the Sorapot teapot designer, which (especially as I can't afford the teapot) was more interesting from a design and entrepreneurship perspective.

Picture of matcha tiramisu, via Flickr.

A Life (Time) of Cooking has an interesting post about visiting a market in Cambodia; wow I love the baskets of chilis, limes, and fresh herbs!