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Lemony no-bake cheesecake

This weekend I had almost an entire package of cream cheese, so I made super easy no-bake cheesecake. No bake cheesecake is so easy it's rather dangerous. Good thing I don't have heavy cream in the house all the time or it'd be raining cheesecakes.

Whipping cream

Here is the recipe I use: No Bake Cheesecake I by Jennifer Gurule (

Essentially it's three steps: (1) smash cookie crumbs with butter, yum! (2) mix cream cheese with sugar and lemon juice, yum! and (3) fold in whipped cream, yum yum yum! Then let it chill.

I grated in some lemon rind for exra lemon-y-ness, and used double-chocolate cookies for the crust. Since I was low on cream cheese, the cheesecake was extra thin. Quite nice and light for summer. Here is a horrible quality cell phone photo. Um, I forgot to take a photo before the last piece, then forgot to charge the camera batteries... and then all that was left of the cheesecake were crumbs!

In past made this cheesecake in muffin-sized portions, with gingersnap cookies and topped with candied ginger. I found it equally easy to put a whole cookie in the bottom of each, instead making a crust. So here is a prettier photo!

X marks the spot.

Isn't that a wonderful muffin tin? It's from my husband's grandparents.

Ready to go to the office:

Mini cheesecakes

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