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Asian supermarkets

Last week we visited T&T Supermarket. I love asian supermarkets and grocery stores. I miss the excellent ones from Vancouver; they were the best place to get fresh, fun vegetables and herbs.

Coconut & red bean bread

This time we tried something different: coconut & red bean bread (pictured above). We loved it. Holy moly cow it's sweet, like an egg-bread cake, but so soft and tasty. It was good plain, or with a bit of butter, or we even managed to fit some in the toaster without it falling apart, and spread cream cheese on it. YUM!

Our regular favourites from asian grocery stores:

  • Sauces and condiments - Sriracha sauce (Thai hot sauce), chili-garlic paste (good with anything), black bean sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce (great with vegetables like green beans or eggplant), & don't forget to get some more soy sauce (we like the sushi-soy-sauce, I want to try some of the mushroom ones). If you like hot stuff, nip over to the vegetable section and get some whole hot chilis too.
  • Fresh noodles. Lately we love Shanghai noodles. I also like to always have dried rice vermecelli and buckwheat soba noodles in the house, and Sean's fav is udon.
  • Tea - often brown rice green tea (genmaicha) is hard to find outside of asian stores. Sean likes ginseng tea. I'm looking for recommendations for a non-powdery ginger tea...
  • Potstickers / dumplings / gyoza, and dim sum items!

There's other stuff too. In the vegetable section I go a bit crazy.

And of course, treats!

  • #2 must buy - Pocky! (#2 must buy This was my first time visiting their website. Dance music! Also, I need a cherry red suit and top hat.) If you are new to asian candy, you must try these pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate.
  • #3 must buy - Kasugai gummies. Orange is my favourite, but all of them are good. I love the packaging's monstrous tasty fruit and a ... though-provoking description.
  • Glutinous rice balls (also called sweet rice balls, Tang Yuan,  or Ah Balling?) sound unappetizing, but they are a fabulously sweet chewy rice ball with flavours inside. I like the black seasame and peanut butter ones. Usually you buy them in the frozen section, then drop them in boiling water few minutes: they're best warm. Yes, they kind of look like little eyeballs. Tasty, tasty eyeballs.
  • Red bean ice cream, or green tea ice cream. 

I'm sure there's a TON of stuff we haven't figured out yet - let me know your favourites! Can you believe I haven't had mochi yet?!


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