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Home-made iced teas

Been busy with work and a driving course (whoo hoo!) lately, so not too much cooking has been going on. But it's hot out, and having extra cold drinks in the fridge is a blessing :)

Two iced teas

Recently I made iced tea! If you've never made iced tea: basically take your favourite tea, and brew it 2-4x stronger than usual. You can use hot water, then chill the tea after it has brewed, or make Sun Tea: put your container of tea bags & water in bright sunshine. Simply Recipes explains and has a recipe.


The first tea I made is inspired by my sister Meg, who loves iced green tea with peppermint. I made it from a peppermint-green-lemongrass loose leaf blend from Mom, but you could also use green tea with fresh mint leaves.

Tea and chain surface tension Tea ball

I also love Starbucks Passion iced lemonade, and I had some Tazo Passion tea, so I made a smaller pitcher of this tea, with lemon and a two or so tablespoons of sugar.

Towering over tea (colour enhance)

I love pitchers. The tall pitcher is from Ikea, and the pretty light blue glass pitcher belonged to Sean's grandparents.

PS - I've recently been diagnosed with low iron, so maybe next I'll be researching and trying out some liver recipes, haha! Sean is giving me dirty looks ;)

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