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From the Archives: edible links potluck

Here's a roundup of some of my food-related links from my old blog: 

Ranjit from arranges the veggies and edibles from his trips to the market on his scanner and posts the resulting images. Here's a collection of his sometimes creepy, often ethereal, and always yummy scans. He's still adding new ones

Video of a chef hand-pulling thousands of noodles. In Vancouver there is a yummy noodle restaurant where they make fresh noodles like this right in front of you. 

This is Sean's favourite method for making coffee: True Brew, part 2, on Good Eats. If you have time, watch part 1 first! True Brew, part 1, on Good Eats

Video of how to make pad thai, as demonstrated at a floating market in Thailand. I have a permanent craving for Thai food. 

Part of me wants to eat breakfast again for every meal. What sort of breakfast today? Consult the bacon flowchart.

Simply Recipes' Banana Bread Recipes. Add chocolate chips if you like!

Anna the Red has beautiful bento boxes and tutorials here.

MIT has a free online course (notes and assignments) on Kitchen Chemistry.

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