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Chocolate caramel crack(ers!)

Chocolate Caramel Crack(ers)
A new dessert recipe I was excited to try this month was chocolate caramel crack(ers), courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. Yum!
Like the recipe said, it was very quick and easy to make! This was such a relief since Christmas eve was so busy getting the house clean and cozy for our family. Hubby has already voted these a "please make again" recipe :)
The modifications I made were: 
  • I used soda (saltine) crackers. Next time I'd like to try a thinner crunchier cracker, not sure what yet... I had a daydream about using Indian papadums, would that be crazy or tasty?!?
  • I didn't add any nuts. 
  • In addition to the chocolate chips, I added a small bar of dark orange chocolate (Lindt's Excellence Orange Intense). Next time I'd use maybe 3+ bars, I couldn't taste much orange. You could use another nice dark chocolate too. 
This would make a good gift, layered in a nice container with a ribbon!

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