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Happy Halloween!

2010 was our first Halloween in the new house, and we had a great time! Fun stuff included:

Carving pumpkins! Those cheapo pumpkin carving kits totally work.

They Be Jack O'Lanterns Three

We dressed up Leroy as a pumpkin too!

Leroy in costume

He wasn't too enthused about this, plus he didn't get to lick ANY of the small children. Boo.

Leroy waiting...

Nope we didn't dress any of the ferrets up...they hate wearing anything, even collars. Spunky sauntered downstairs and tried to slip out the front door a few times though, so Sean had to dog AND ferret wrangle simultaneously.

I also made pumpkin spice CHEESECAKE. I'll post about this on the recipes page.

Pumpkin spice cheesecake: spiderweb

We decorated the front yard a little. We had over 70 trick or treaters!!! Sean was a little disappointed we didn't have any chocolate left.

Our front porch at Halloween

Vampire Bat

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


September videos of Leroy

Summer weekends with Leroy have been lovely.

Though now it's getting a little cool for the poor guy. Skull & crossbones sweater to the rescue!

Videos of ferrets on the way ... :)


Whodunnit: Dog or Ferret?

Ah my furry household companions, I love them so. And it surprises me how similar they are, despite the dog being 5x larger than the ferrets. In fond remembrance of Brunching Shuttlecocks quizzes, I present....

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Leroy the Puppy!

This is Leroy, our very handsome puppy! He's 8 months old.


We adopted him on Monday from the Ottawa Humane Society. We'd been looking into Boston Terriers for a few months, and one of Sean's coworkers sent us a note that Leroy was up for adoption.

He's very sweet natured, and eager to greet any people or dogs he sees. He loves our company; right now he's snoozing on Sean's lap. Since he was a stray we don't know much about his past, but the Humane Society did a great job with him and were able to tell us he's crate trained and knows a few commands like Sit (but not really Stay or Come yet). The shelter picked his name and we love it!

Sean already has plans to dress him up as a lobster. Or perhaps something else....

Leroy & Spunky

With the ferrets, he's curious but friendly (tail wagging!), though they are still nervous around him. Spunky is the most comfortable around Leroy (Spunky has met more cats and dogs), and has even tried to invite Leroy to weasel war dance with him! Horatio is rather skittish - he isn't used to how big and rapidly Leroy moves - and Chi stares at him like he's a monster in a tuxedo. Her tail puffs up and sometimes she hisses at him; poor guy has no clue what she's on about. Oh well, it will take time

Chi after meeting Leroy


Spunkmeyer Ferret, Escape Artist

This is Spunkmeyer. This sweetheart caused us a lot of worry yesterday.

Spunkmeyer sleeping

Surrrreeee he looks so innocent here, but he nicknamed him the Energizer Bunny. He's always up and checking on us, or getting into trouble.

We had just finished dinner last night and were in the computer room when the doorbell rang. We dawdled downstairs, expecting a telemarketer, but it was our neighbour: he and another neighbour on the street had spotted Spunkmeyer on the porch of the house next door! We rushed over with the treat bag, and lured him out from under some loose plywood with their help.

As far as we can imagine, he must have quickly slipped onto back deck just after Sean went out to the BBQ to bring in our hamburgers for dinner. I was in the kitchen, busy getting plates out. We should have been more careful, especially since he's quick, quiet, and we know he likes to play catch-me-if-you-can, especially to dash through doors where he's not allowed. Sigh. He was probably outside for at least half an hour, and we didn't even notice he was gone.

All the ferrets have been on short walks and sort of recognize our front stairs and back deck. We think what happened next is he wandered over to the similar house under construction next door, and made his way around to the front stairs, where the neighbour spotted him. Apparently he was chillin' at the top of the stairs.

Escape Artist

We are incredibly thankful that our little guy didn't fall down a hole somewhere or fall prey to a wild animal, and that we have such wonderfully awesome neighbours that took the time to stop and check on our lost little guy.

Black & white

Guess who's been getting a lot of extra hugs and snorgles lately.