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From the Archives: Ferret on Cute Overload, woo!

This post was originally published on December 15. 2006.

Cute Overload is my morning pick-me-up. A few days ago they had this sweet ferret!

Photo: A white ferret curled up sleeping on red silk fabric.

PS - I love the flying (pants wearing?!) hamsters on Cute Overload's background now :-)


From the Archives: Wedding Ideas: Funky Cake

This post was originally published on November 30. 2006.

I was browsing Flickr today and I saw this fabulous wedding cake! o.O
The couple (or just bride/groom?) for whom the cake was are animators/illustrators! Now I know why I thought of claymation when I saw the cake. 

Other fun wedding cakes:
ZOMG Lego!
Cherry blossoms - very pretty
Whoopsie Daisy - wibbly-wobbly cake with an almost tropical blue flower!

Other neat non-wedding cakes:
Stack of donuts - Mmm donuttssss.


From the Archives: Mr. T Sock Monkey

This post was originally published on November 25. 2006.

This is why I learning to sew... so I can make my own Mr. T sock monkey!!!!

Photo: Sock monkey sporting gold chains, a jean jacket, and scruffy facial hair like Mr. T from the A Team.
This is also why I love surfing Craftster, hehee. 


From the Archives: Ideas for our wedding location in BC

This post was originally published on November 25. 2006.

For our wedding, Sean & I are hoping to have it in British Columbia! So far our ideas include:

Filbert Lodge, Comox Valley 
(possible ceremony location)
The most popular choice so far... this is where Meghan and I had our highschool graduations. I suspect we could also have a reception there as there is a lodge and tea house. 

Crown Isle Resort, Comox Valley
(possible ceremony and/or reception and/or accomodation location)
Since it's a hotel, guests can stay onsite (and go golfing!)

Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains, Whistler
(possible ceremony and reception location)
I think this is Myke's favourite - we'd go during ski season of course! Apparently there is an option where you can fly your party up to the top of the mountain in a helicopter, and have the ceremony there.
Photo: Wedding ceremony at a lodge with snow-covered mountains in the background.Photo: Bride and groom climbing out of a helicopter at the ski hill.
See also Whistler Weddings

We are still in the idea-generating stage, so comments are welcome! :-)


From the Archives: CBC Archives

This post was originally published on Friday, October 27. 2006. 

Forget YouTube, lately I've been addicted to the CBC Archive's online collection of video and radio clips. You can browse them by year or by topic. 

My grandmother is a WWII war bride from England, so I loved watching these:
Love and War: Canadian War Brides

I'm also starting on Handmade in Canada: the Art of Craft - check out the one on the Ookpik, it's hilarious. Quote: "Ookpik would be quite a successful politician ... [...] he has no mouth; it would be easy for him to keep it shut."

Full list of topics here: