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Monday, August 8, 2016 at 10:16PM
Sarah McGill in Baby, baby, comics

Plight of the bumblebee

Being a new parent has lots of little moments - some panicky, some blue, many sweet, and even more funny. Here are some web comics that have resonated with me about being a new parent. Are there more that you know?

Boumeries, by Samantha Leriche-Gionet (aka Boum): she's Canadian too!. "Boumeries is mostly about her life with her two young daughters and partner, working at home, juggling with everyday chores and drawing, and having absurd dreams in the meantime." My little girl mirrors Margot in many ways. 

Lucy Knisley has charming comics and she recently had a baby. She draws all about it on her Instagram account. Seriously every comic reminds me of my little girl as a baby. 

On a more serious note: Carriers, by Lauren R. Weinstein is a short story about future parents facing cystic fibrosis (parts 1-5 linked at top). See also her Mom Comics on her website. 

Lunarbaboon (Canadian!). A gag-a-day strip about a 30-something Dad & husband that "focuses on many themes, but mostly is about parenting - other themes include depression, death, and Star Wars."

Fowl Language comic by Brian Gordon. You've very likely seen one of his comics on the Internet already, and they are all great. 

Stranger Danger by Tavis Maiden, who was one of the Strip Search competitors. 

Adrienne Hedger's four panel strips capture teenagers and threenagers. 

How Baby by Lindsay Ishihiro. I love this awesome comic. Bwahahaha!

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