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Puppy diaries: my rambles about my week with Leia

Some notes about my week with Leia. Lots of fun!

Outstretched paw: 52 weeks of Leia (21/52)


Sometimes when I play with Leia, I'll see if I can train her at all yet. I haven't been able to get her to sit, but she picks up the Touch command pretty fast!

Chewing on something? Distract her with an elk antler (especially smeared with a bit of sugar-free peanut butter), or a bully stick. She likes dehydrated liver treats. 

We take Leia and Leroy for an evening walk. First time she's walked around the entire block without being carried! Exhausted pup.

She wakes up and cries a lot at 2am; she doesn't want to go outside as much as play piranha.


Leia meets our vet! Microchipped her: we have a RFID-enabled puppy

(Have your pets microchipped, my friends: our puppy was only about $50-60.)

By the end of the day we notice Leia is starting to sit by the door when she wants to come in, imitating Leroy.

Vet points out Leia's bellybutton. Much smaller than I thought: it looks like a little mole. 

At the vet's suggestion, we move Leia's crate out of our bedroom into another bedroom on the same floor, so we can sleep a bit easier when she cries. This helps a lot! She sleeps well from 1045pm-5:30am, with a bit of crying at the start. She pops up at the sunrise and waits quietly to be let out.


Big brother: 52 weeks of Leroy (21/52)

We have found a good match for Leroy's energy. Whenever Leroy has a moment where he's not playing with the pup, he looks like he's about to pass out sleeping.

Geez she's talkative. She barks at the ferrets, at Leroy, at the Kong Genius. She whines a lot to be let up. She has this cute punctuating squeak when she yawns.

Chi gets her first good chomp on Leia that makes her yelp. Leia doesn't seem discouraged yet.

Leia is learning Sit! You don't realise how useful Sit is, until you have a dog that doesn't. She'll sit for a treat, though she takes a bit longer and she doesn't have good eye contact. Guess I'll teach her Watch next. So working on Touch, Sit, and Watch. Soon, we shall take over the WORLD!

Did she just run to the door when I said "Outside"? Is she picking up on the word or body language from Leroy and me? 

Chi & Leia


How did Friday come so fast? I am going to miss being on vacation with the dogs. 

*IF* I can reach the door in time (big if) after Leia wakes up, all by herself she'll go to the door, descend the stairs, pee, climb back up the stairs, and hop inside again. Sometimes she's so fast I'm still getting on my flipflops! However, she doesn't wait for #2, so I still have to watch her carefully. Three accidents today - one stealth poop and twice I don't get to the door fast enough after she wakes. 

Before the storm comes, Leroy, Leia and I chill outside. I read Game of Thrones in the grass while the dogs tussle. I'm really thankful for Leroy. This last day or so he's been initiating play with Leia and keeping her busy & happy. 

Inconveniently Leia has to go during the thunderstorm. We start outside optimistically, but the rain increases and we're both miserable and soaked in seconds despite an umbrella. She's making sad puppy squeaks. 


Beautiful morning! Lots of photos today. 

Leroy is chewing on an antler and Leia is jumping all over his head. Though, Leroy elected to chew on one of Leia's fav antler bits. 

We walk Leroy around the neighbourhood and greet the local dog lovers - by 9pm she's been passed around to 6+ people and is asleep in Sean's arms. 

She's becoming quite bold. She doesn't always tag at our heels and come when we call. 


Puppy Kindergarten! It's good to see our old instructor again. There's at least 7 other puppies in the class and all bigger than Leia: Leia is a chicken and hides most of the class. Too many puppies & smells!

There's a chocolate lab and a Chesapeake Bay retreiver... beautiful puppies. Another clever & happy puppy knows how to come & sit already. Several good tips given. Leia falls asleep in the car ride home. 

Leroy has started asking to climb into my lap when Leia is asleep, for extra cuddles. Awwww. 

Leia is trying out her BT-500s in the house with Leroy. Another good way to tire her out is to toss her on the bed with Leroy, and they'll happily wrestle for 20 minutes. 

Psh, how did it reach 9pm already? 

Have a good week! 

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