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Our new Boston Terrier puppy, Leia!

Whew, I can type now that the puppy is recharging!

Sleeping beauty

This weekend we picked up our 8 week Boston Terrier puppy, Leia - she is equal parts sweetheart and spitfire, and we're so excited to have her. We named her after Princess Leia in Star Wars. She's darker than a typical Boston, being nearly all black with all black paws, a white patch on her chest and a white stripe up her forehead. Some of her toe tips have the tiniest feathering of white.

Bringing home Leia!

We're all a bit groggy (including Leroy) from Puppy Time Zone lag: Leia is up as soon as the sun is up, or sooner! I get to see the sunrise at 5am. We're working on crate training her, and wearing her out enough so she falls asleep by 9pm and doesn't cry in the crate. The first night she passed out after all the excitement, the second night she screamed at the crate every hour or so. When we tried to calm her to sleep in a quiet moment at 2am, she'd wake, jump on your head happily and nibble at you like a teasing piranha. Last night, third night we worked hard to exhaust her, and she slept 7 hours steadily!

Clearly this is a bribe

She is really bonding with us and Leroy. She'll follow us around, sometimes steadily, other times sprinting ahead like mad whilst trying to scratch her ear and nearly falling headfirst into your legs. The other day she walked around the full block!

Big blinkers

Leroy was a bit shy of her at first - what is this bitey, noisy creature? But I think they'll make fast friends. Already they love to play together several times a day. Leroy is quite gentle. Leia leaps like a little lion at him and hangs off his collar. 

More updates to come! 

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