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My fav gardening websites

Funny little man of clay

I’ve had a couple questions from friends about what gardening websites and blogs I read. I love to read about gardening! Here's a list of some of my favourite sites.

PS - I really am in love with Flipboard for reading blogs and RSS feeds on my iPad. I love to look at all the photos! Otherwise I use Google Reader

Generally useful gardening websites

Better Homes and Gardens
you have to register by email for the most useful content, but I like the BHG garden plans for ideas. 

GardenWeb forums - tons & tons here. If you have a question, someone has likely asked it here.

Farmer's Almanac: Planting dates - ye olde Almanac has some useful veggie reference guides like frost dates, planting dates, and zones, plus flower and veggie information. 

Apartment Therapy: Gardening category Fresh ideas!

Tomato rainbow

Vegetable garden blogs

A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach [New York] - Excellent gardening writer, previously editor for Martha Stewart Living. Check out her garden chores & tips month-by-month. 

Veggie Patch Reimagined [rural Ottawa gardener]

Daphne’s Dandelions [Massachusetts] - Lots of lovely photos!

Diggin' Food [Seattle]

Maybelline's Garden [California] - Fun speciality vegetable ideas.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener by Shawn Verrall [Washington?]

Tiny Farm Blog [southern Ontario, Canada] - A small organic farm.

In my Kitchen Garden [Missouri?]

Skippy's Vegetable Garden [Massachusetts]

Veggie Gardening Tips [Pennsylvania]

Green cabbage

Ottawa specific resources

Ottawa Horticultural Society - They post about events like the Rare & Unusual Plant Sale & seed exchanges. 

Ottawa Master Gardeners

Little clover

What are your favourite gardening sites? I'd especially love to know ones with great flower gardening or landscaping ideas. 

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