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Our pets' favourite toys (52 weeks of photos)

Leroy's favourite toy: red Bucky ball. 52 weeks of Leroy (15/52)

This year my personal photography project is to post (at least) one photo a week of each of our pets. A project like this really has has me using my camera on a regular basis, and trying new settings. I hope you can see a slight improvment in my photos.

It started when I was invited to the Flickr group 52 Weeks of Ferrets. It's wonderful to have comments from other photographers, and to see photos of other delightful ferret characters. 

You can see my "52 Weeks of Our Pets" photographs here on Flickr

This week was too long, and I mostly procrastinated until today to take photos of our creatures. Thanks to a post on 52 Weeks of Ferrets, I came up with the idea to photograph each fuzzmonster with their favourite toy.

Leroy's favourite toy: red Bucky ball. (photo at top)

Leroy has a close tie for #1. Here's what I call his red Bucky ball. I've forgotten who made it. It's one of his favourite tug-o-war toys. He'll chase it, or you'll hang on for dear life while he shakes it viciously. Just watch your fingers. 

It was originally a dog toy we bought for the ferrets. We thought they would push it around, but hilariously Chi likes to crawl half-inside and roll around in it!

Leroy's other well-loved toys are his super-durable Kong Tails and his Kong Genius. One day I'll record a video of how he interacts with the Kong Genius. 

Chi's favourite toy: green starfish.

Chi's favourite toy: green starfish. 52 weeks of ferrets (15/52)

The starfish is nearly the size of Chi, yet if you bring it out she will grab it from you and determinedly hoist it to the nearest safe place. Here's a video of her doing exactly that. So funny!

Spunkmeyer also loved Starfish - he's the one that affectionately gnawed his eyes. 

Horatio's favourite toy: Mr. Ducky.

Horatio's favourite toy: Mr. Ducky. 52 weeks of ferrets (15/52)

Horatio has had Mr. Ducky a long, long time. Mr. Ducky is nearly as old as Horatio. Sean & I found Mr. Ducky at Shopper's Drug Mart at Easter. I had to send his companion, Mr Bunny, ... um, on vacation, but I haven't had the heart to take Mr. Ducky away too. Look at Horatio's expression. 

Horatio is very diligent about checking on his toys every day. Mr. Ducky has regular baths in the water dish too. Despite appearances. 

Mr. Ducky, we're ready for your close-up

Let's all have a drink!

It's hard to come up with a new photo each week. I have tons of photos of the ferrets lying on our hardwood floor. Or sleeping. Just because a pancaking or sleeping ferret is relatively easy photo subject!

If you have any requests of what you'd like to see the pets doing - maybe you've heard me mention they have this peculiar habit or the other, or are curious about a facet of caring for them - let me know, and I'll try to take a photo of it! 

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