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My vegetable garden, day 73!

Sunday harvest

I completely forgot to update how my garden was going at the start of month 3, so here's another mid-month update! It's neat to see the photos over time.

From oldest to most recent:

Week 1 or ~ Day 2
Vegetable box A - early JulyVegetable box B - early July

Week 5 or ~ Day 30
Vegetable box A - day 30Vegetable box B - day 30

Day 42!
Vegetable box A - day 42Vegetable box B - day 42

Day 73 or just past week 10!
Vegetable box A - day 73Vegetable box B - day 73

Monster growth! My snowpea trellis is WAYYYYY too wussy. Next year I'll put up sections of fence.

Herbs - Except for flea beetles devouring the basil, all the herbs are doing great! Even the 4 yr old+ cilantro and basil seeds sprouted. I'm quite happy to have fresh cilantro, thyme, and chives all the time. I put chives in everything. Anyone know what to do with fresh sage and oregano?

Tomatoes - Looking scruffy and on the small side, but doing ok. No recent bird attacks. Next year I will focus on cherry tomatoes instead.

Cabbage - They finally look like cabbage heads! I'm a bit worried that inside they'll look like Swiss cheese from the flea beetles and cabbage worms.

Lettuce - WOW. We have a lot of lettuce. I like the flavour of the Buttercrunch the best, but they are all good now that I've thinned them more and they're more mature. I'd come in with a colander full of lettuce and Sean couldn't tell where I'd removed it from, there was so much...

Beets - All pulled up. Alas, only two beets grew bigger than my thumb tip; the rest were small and super bitter. Gack. As in, "are you sure beets aren't poisonous?" bitter. Thankfully the greens are tasty!

Snow peas - Super! We love these, and I can pick a handful every other day or so. They are just staring to die off now. We'll need a composter soon for sure.

Second plantings of beets, radishes, and lettuce - will see how far these get before the first frost. I really hope the beets do better this time.

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Reader Comments (2)

Neat 'time lapse' photos of the garden growing. You must be very proud- gardens are a lot of hard work battling mother nature!

When we did our vegetable garden Rob added one/two more layers of frame -less bending over and more room for vegetable roots to grow. Not sure if would work for you or not - will get him to take a photo.
Love Mom

September 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGillian Normandin

Wish I could be there to taste your garden harvests! Sounds like you've had a pretty successful first veggie & herb garden. You've chosen a good variety of items to grow and experiment with for the first year, some of which are difficult to grow, so good on you and Sean. I do love some of the choices you've made ie: snow peas, lettuces, herbs, etc., and I do miss having a garden of our own and our time on Vashon Island gardening the Hansen family property! Love, Dad & David

September 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNorm Normandin
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