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What's in our veggie garden: week 1 vs. week 5 photos, and a list...

Sage in sunset

Below is a list of what we actually planted in our garden on July 2nd. But first, then & now photos!

Week 1 (a few days after planting):
Vegetable box A - early JulyVegetable box B - early July

Week 5!!!
Vegetable box A - day 30Vegetable box B - day 30

What we planted (most from seed):

  • Basil plants x 4 plants -- doing really well but just started to be attacked by flea beetles. They’re leaving gross brown marks.
  • Tomato seedlings, Italian Roma x4 -- some tomatoes are small and the bushes are … overly bushy, but doing well.
  • Radishes, Cherry Belle x 1.5 rows -- despite flea beetles all over the leaves, these are doing well! They are about 1-1.5 cm in diameter so far, and tasty.
  • Spicy mix mesculun greens x 1/2 row -- the major headache of the garden, because it was heavily attacked by flea beetles. I just harvested it all and we ended up throwing out 50% of it because it had too many holes. I think I’d rather grow a few specific types of special greens (some of them taste neat!) or pick a milder mix next year.
  • Green "late" cabbage plants x 9 -- growing slowly, but some were viciously chomped by cute green cabbage worms. I was hoping for red cabbage but didn't see any plants on sale. Sean is discouraged that at some point we'll have 9 cabbages.
  • Beets, Detroit Dark Red x 1 row -- there are a few seedlings but they look rather sad.
  • Lettuce, Butterhead x 1 row
  • Lettuce, Black seeded Simpson x 1 row
  • Lettuce, Grand Rapide (green & very curly) x half row -- never showed to the party..
  • Lettuce, Prizehead (green-bronze & odd looking) x half row
  • Snow peas, 3 kinds: Norli, "edible podded snow" & "snowpea snowflake" x 3 rows total

The perennial herbs are all doing great and I’m curious how they will fare next year:

  • Chives x 2 plants -- tasty!
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Sage, common and variegated / tricolour -- not sure what I’ll do with all this sage, actually. Be sagacious?
  • English lavender -- the seedling looked like a weakling but smells beautiful; it’s trying its best to send up new shoots.
  • In one spot we planted some miscellaneous old basil and cilantro seeds from over 3 years ago. They are actually starting to sprout - well, the ones I didn’t accidentally weed out!
Thyme and again

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