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In memory of Spunkmeyer

Two months ago, on June 21, 2011, our youngest ferret Spunkmeyer passed away. He was 4 and a half years old; we adopted him from the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa when he was just 7 mos in February 2007.

Spunkmeyer's adoption photo

Spunkmeyer was a kick ass little ferret.

When we first met him, he was a little black furry flying ball of energy. We’d put him on the bed and tickle him, and he would take flying leaps towards you, paws outstretched, mouth open in a big joyful ferret grin.

He was a smart ferret. He would balance on his hind legs for a treat, and together we practiced roll over and shake-a-paw. He was so sweet when he’d eagerly grab your fingertips with his front paws. He had soft thick black fur, dark eyes, and sweet white ears. You could spot him across a room watching you, by his his little pink & white ears.

He loved to go outside for walks. He’d bounce through the grass in happiness. In our old apartment, sometimes I'd let him nip out the door and hop down the hallway. He would dook and dance and prance, and do his best to streak by me to the elevators.

Whenever he was awake he’d come seek me out, see what I was up to, perhaps beg for a treat. While I was washing dishes, he would lie across my feet like a cuddly footwarmer. My favourite time was early morning when I would wake up the ferrets, and give Spunkmeyer a back rub while he groomed my arm hair up then down. He enjoyed our company so very much, and we enjoyed him.

Spunkmeyer sunshine ears

The FRSO has kindly posted Spunky's photo to their rescued ferrets Rainbow Bridge page. (Postpone reading until you are ready for a sniffle.)

We miss our smart, joyful, friendly little guy. You are forever in our hearts; thank you Spunkmeyer.

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