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My first vegetable garden from start to finish, with photos

The fall flew by faster than I realised, so I haven't blogged in ages! Now that I have a small breather after Christmas, I can post an update about how the garden finished up.

I tried to take photos of everything that came out of the garden. Here's a mosaic of everything, minus several bunches of herbs. At the bottom is the first tomato ^_^ Cool, eh? Now that it's winter, I miss the steady trickle of lettuce, peas, tomatoes, and herbs.

Harvest (from most recent to oldest)

Vegetable garden 2011 (part 1) Vegetable garden 2011 (part 2)

Growth photos from oldest to most recent:

Week 1 or ~ Day 2
Vegetable box A - early JulyVegetable box B - early July

Week 5 or ~ Day 30
Vegetable box A - day 30Vegetable box B - day 30

Day 42!
Vegetable box A - day 42Vegetable box B - day 42

Day 73 or just past week 10. The trellis is barely holding up...
Vegetable box A - day 73Vegetable box B - day 73

Day 105 or week 15! Started pulling up plants. I tried to dig some of the old pea vines under the soil, and half-rotted compost.
Vegetable box B - day 105 / week 15Vegetable box B - day 105 / week 15

Boxes covered with leaves for the winter.

I took one afternoon to plant the garlic, then raked up as many leaves as I could. We had a LOT of leaves. Hubby drove over them with the mower and we spread them on the garden and plants in front as mulch. You'll see there is a half-row of lettuce left, but alas, I didn't protect it well enough to harvest after the frost.

Garden boxes Oct 16

Here's the garlic I planted - three kinds from Boundary Garlic Farm. (Sadly I didn't make it out to the Carp Garlic Fest.) They are all hardneck varieties:

  1. Persian Star - mellow flavour purple striped garlic. The cloves form a pointy-star shape.
  2. Chesnok Red - bold flavour garlic but mellow when roasted, with great purple stripes.
  3. Susan Delafield - hot heritage porcelain garlic.

Hardneck garlic that I planted

Looking forward to next year!

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